About Us

Who we are

We are a group of friends who have come together to make sure majority of people can get their hands on the latest consoles. We know it has been crazy with the PS5 going out of stock multiple times. Here at console resell we give you these few consoles at a great price considering their scarcity. Message us for queries.

We are selling contributed new consoles to the public

Following our suceess in a recent yard sale, we made our desire known to others to launch an online platform where everyone could submit their games they want sold. Within months we wrapped up over 132+ sales in new consoles with the ps5 contributing to more than half that number. Even though scarcity of this consoles exist we still have a few strings to pull to get you one when we can. Back orders are accepted on request after stocks clear out.

Interested? Contact us

For processing your orders and payment information make sure to contact us after you order.