Jeremy sent us a picture of himself with his successfully received package. Just like you he had doubts but they were answered in 3 days. 

Ricky works at a toy store in Dallas he received his package during work. You can order with us with confidence and don’t forget to share. One console order per person.

Harry from the UK got his Xbox series X finally and couldn’t wait to share the joy with y’all.Just like him with your trust you can game on the next level.

All the way from the UK was Oliver who continuously did not let us rest us till his package came through.

How to order(Please read)

We still like to clarify that the consoles you receive are strictly donated by individuals looking to resell their console. We did not scalp them. To order and receive your tracking information please contact us to get it confirmed. One console per individual is much better in the spirit of sharing. When we are completely out keep rechecking if a donor comes up it will be posted or you can leave us your email address for notifications. We do NOT have any social media accounts.